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August 17, 2010
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"Let's go, Mr B!"

My, my, what a sweet voice. Like a melody to my ears.

I follow the trail of the voice, which echoed through out the corridors of Rapture.
I see a small girl, pale in the flesh and dressed in a dirtied pink dress, but her eyes.

Oh, those wonderful, luminous yellow eyes.

"Mr B, let's go! The Angels can't wait for us!" her angelic little voice teases as she takes my finger and leads me through the dark, damp back alleys of Rapture in search of... well, whatever that red liquid is. I look out at the submerged city, and take note of the tranquility beneath the waves.

Wait, who's that?

I see a large, ugly, diving-suited monster with a horrible luminous light staring at me.
Oh, silly me, that's just my reflection.
She stops by an object.
It's like a person, just it's not moving.
What is that?
Is that an 'Angel'?
She tugs at my finger, getting my attention
"Hurry up mr B! I can smell another Angel!" she innocently pleads, releasing her grip and skipping off further down the corridor.

Wait, come back. I can't move too fast!

I quicken my pace, following in her footsteps. I come into a large, open ballroom.  
Who are these strange, masqueraded people? Why am I being stared at?
A scream pierces the silence.

Oh no.

I burst out the doors of the ballroom, running at such a speed I never knew was possible. Skidding around corners, I come to a balcony.
There she is! The angelic-voiced girl.
Wait...Those angry men surround her like a pack of wolves.
No. They're grabbing her! Let her go!
She is thrown aside, her precious red fluid now in the hands of that...that...creature
She begins to sob, and tears begin to cascade down her cheeks
I roar out in fury, how dare they hurt her!
Jumping down into one of the men, crushing him like a tin can.
Oh...such a pretty red to go with the awful crunching sound.
Another of the nasty men swings a pipe at me.

Silly you, that won't hurt me.

I beat his hand aside and thrust my drill into his face, another fountain of that luscious, red fluid paints my drill-end.
"Take this, you bastard!" the last man calls, firing some sort of object at me. I think they call it a 'gun'. Several annoying pinging noises ring in my ears.
Ignoring these noises, I swing my drill at him, but he ducks, parrying my attack with nonchalant ease. With the red liquid in his hand, he goes to consume it.

How dare you! She found that first!

I seize his scary, deformed face in my hand and try to squeeze the liquid from his mouth.
He won't give it back. I must not be squeeing hard enough. He wrestles and shouts,  but he won't give it back.
Next, my hand is coated in the strange, red liquid. But it isn't the one I wanted.

I think I squeezed too hard.

Picking up the vial of red liquid, I hand it back to the little girl, who accepts it with a smile and a squeal of glee.
"Thank you, daddy. I knew you'd protect me from the bad men"  she replies to the gesture, hopping up onto my back, wrapping her arms around my helmet in a gesture of compassion. I like this feeling. It makes my insides go warm and fills me with joy.

You're very welcome.

Very welcome indeed.
Yeah, I tried a Bioshock 2 inspired peice.

Made to make the Big Daddies feel more melancholy then you think. After all, they ARE just grown-up, frustrated, mutated 6 year old boys.

Yes, I listened to Tenenbaum's rambling in Bioshock 1.

Bioshock is (C) to 2K Games
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Florrosada12 Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow. Its so strange to see inside the mind of a big daddy. Yet, this is a really great little story. Well done.

Thanks for the fave, too! :D
Florrosada12 Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
hehe Your welcome. :)
oh that was beautiful! it made me smile and think of how sweet the Big Daddies are

an appearence means nothing, Big Daddies are cute <3
Oh wow, thanks! <3

Thanks for the fave, too!
your very welcome <3
xXcookies898Xx Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful i loved how you descrided every detail ~clap clap tar tear~ XD
laicka03 Aug 19, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
weren't they suppose to be adults... men? i mean Johnny Topside, wasn't a boy, neither did Jack... as far as i know the little brothers were the ones that suppose to be boys, but they turned to be very agresive, that's why they are only girls. but the bd i think they were only grown-up men. even though it would be the perspective of a adult, he is suppose to looke after her and care about her, i still love it is very nice
I'm not entirely sure, but I remember something about young boys going into the suits and then being fused to them or something.
Tenenbaum is a crazy lady, and she was telling me this. So fuck knows what's what XD
But thanks anyway.
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